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LCRA Home Page

The home page of the LCRA providing links to all of the LCRA Resources and information


Texas Water Safety Act

Texas Parks and Wildlife Boating Laws, Rules and Regulations.

How old do I have to be to operate a Waverunner? How many life vest do I need on my boat? Do I need a fire extinguisher? Find the answers that will make your lake visit SAFE as well as legal!


Fish Identification

What the heck is that? It has a mouth like a Carp, but has silver scales. Could it be a Gaspergoo (the only Freshwater Drum)?


Lake Travis Power Boat Association


Travis County Public Parks

Many Public Parks along Lake Travis are owned by LCRA, but are operated and managed by Travis County. Check out this site for more info on Lake Travis Parks!


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Located at the West end of the Main Basin, across from Starnes (Rattlesnake) Island!